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Opens 2018-05-01 kl. 00:00 - Closes 2018-06-15 kl. 24:00

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To be able to see the match schedule and to sign up for the matches you need to have a user-id and be able to login to All registration and sign up for the competiotion will be done on this site (same as for the World Championship 2015).

To be approved as user you need to have a WAID or a approved document that you have participated on a PPC training course. All foreign shooters with WAID or any such document will be temporary approved as users and be able to login and to see the match schedule and to sign up for matches. If you already have a user-id since the registration for the World Championship 2015 please contact the admin of the site to make sure it is valid.

Please make sure to create you account in good time before we open the sign up.

Follow these steps to create a new user-id if you don´t have one already.

1. Go to web page

2. Click on "skapa konto"

3. Write your name (first name + last name),  enter a new user-id in the field Login (preferrably your e-mail), enter your password and your e-mail adress (both to be confirmed). Add your club, WAID and country and also the person responsible for your training (if applicable). Send your request by clicking on "registrera". Your request will be sent to site admin.

4. Now you have to wait for approval. 

5. To be approved or temporary approved as a user (foriegn user) you need someone who know who you are to approve your reqeust to get your account and login up and running. Alternative is that we need to be able to find you in the WA1500 database to check that you are an active PPC shooter. Send an e-mail to and explain that you have created an account and that you are waiting for approval. We will send you a mail when your account has been approved.

Match sign up

When you have your login please sign up for the starts on the site "all competitions" and choose European Open Championship.