Österlens Pistol Club - Range
GPS coordinates: WGS 84: 55°38’44.6″N 14°08’34.1″E

50 yards range, 25 yards range & test shooting range

At Österlens Pistol Club in Sankt Olof there are two ranges and one test shooting range.

The competition range has one range with distance of 50 yards where all the 1500- and 60-shot matches will be shot and have one range with distance of 25 yards where all the 48-shot matches will be shot. The ranges are next to eachother. 

Close to the competition ranges (approx. 600 m) there is also a rifle range that will be used as a test shooting range with all distances marked and with barricade poles on 25 and 50 yards. The test shooting range will be open 08:00-18:00 starting Monday 13th of August and until the competition is finished.

Training on the competition ranges will only be open on Wednesday 15th of August between 08:00-20:00.

Drone video from the range - from Swedish Open 2017