Foreign shooter must apply for permit from Swedish Police

As a foreign shooter you must apply for a special permit to bring weapons and ammunition to Sweden. European Union weapon passport is not enough.

Processing time at the Swedish Police is approx. 6-8 weeks.

Charge is 700 SEK.

Shooters from Nordic countries do not need a permit from the Swedish Police but need to register and declare weapons at the customs control when entering Sweden.

Shooters from outside Nordic countries need a European Union weapon passport issued in your home country and also need to apply for a special permit from the Swedish Police. Shooters from outside the EU need to apply for a special permit from the Swedish Police.

We will help you with the application form and with sending it to the Swedish Police for approval if you send us the proper copies of licence and permit papers before due date. The Police processing time for these permits will be about 8 weeks in summertime so it is important to send us the paperwork not later than 2018-06-05.

If you have decided to go to Sweden and compete in the Open European Championship, don´t wait with sending your permit application and copies to us - send it as quickly as possible so we can prepare as much as possible and get the process started.

This is what you need to do:

1. Download the application for the permit and enter your personal data, weapon info, ammunition quantity etc in the form. 

2. Make a copy of your European Union (EU) weapons passport and all individual permits/licences as a pdf file. If your are a citizen from a country outside the EU you make a copy of all individual permits/licences as a pdf file.

3. Send the application form and the copies of your EU weapons passport (if applicable) and your individual permits/licences to us for review. Our contact person and the person helping you with this is Mr Mikael Axell - send the application form and all copies to him at Make sure you get feedback that your application looks ok and that we have received and will send your application.

We will contact the Swedish Police and apply for your permit. Eech permit is handled individually. When we have sent the application to the Swedish Police it is important that you pay the application fee. This is sent to your home adress. Please coordinate with Mr Mikael Axell that you get the support needed for paying the application fees. The Police will not do anything with the application unless payment with correct OCR is registrered.

How to pay the permit:

BANK: Danske Bank

IBAN: SE8812000000012810111804


AMOUNT: 700 SEK (make sure to cover for wire transfer charge if applicable)

If you decide to send the application yourself you also need to send in the competition invitation along with the permit application and weapons passport and all permit/licence copies. Below you find the proper competition invitation form that you need to attach if you send in the appclication yourself. You need to add a personal data for MD - Contact MD for this info. If we help you - we will fill in this form for you.

If you intend to apply yourself please carefully read the information from the Swedish Police webpage.

Customs declaration

Once you have the permit you need to register and declare your weapons at the customs control. If you are a European Union Citizen this is done via the Swedish customs control webpage online - se the link below.

If you bring firearms into Sweden from a country outside the EU, you need to make an import declaration on the Single Administrative Document (SAD) and present it to a Customs officer at the border.

Weapons, licenses and Issued permits for import are to be presented together whith the customs declaration form to the Custom Authority on arrival. On the departure the weapons shall be presented for Customs in order to receive a stamp and to obtain permission for departure. The personal at Arlanda Airport (or Sturup Ariport) in cooperation with baggage Check-in control this procedure.

If you have questions -please contact Mr Mikael Axell on for support about customs declaration when trevelling to Sweden from outside the EU (especially if you are flying to Sweden).