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WA1500 - Annual meeting

The WA1500 annual meeting will be held on Friday 2018-08-17 at 17:00. If you are to represent your country on the annual meeting please make sure to not book any match starts after 15:00 on Friday.

The meeting will be held close to the range, approx. 5 min drive with car.


For accomodation close to Sankt Olof please check the links below or look at you standard choice of web pages for hotels and bead&breakfast such as and similar. Closest city is Simrishamn. Contact the Tourist center in Simrishamn if you have questions about accomodation.

Airbnb i närheten

Caravan and tent area

There is a possibility to put up a tent or park your Caravan or trailer Close to the range. This will be just nearby the parking lot where all participants will be parking their vehicles. There will be toilets and electricity avaliable Close to this area. A smaller fee will be charged for these facilities. Questions about above is answered bo Ola Heldh

There is no possibility to shower. For showers you can either go to the public bath in Sankt Olof (ask at site an we will inform you about the details).

Eating and drinking

There will be catering serving cooked meals at the range during all competition days. Catering will have the rights to serve alcoholic beverages. There will also be kiosk. 

Dinner bufé - Banquet

There will be a large dinner bufé /banquet at the range on Saturday evening. More info will follow. You sign up for the dinner in the same system as you sign up for the matches.


We will have at least 1 Dillon XL650 setup for relaoding ammunition. This is only for shooters travelling from abroad that have difficulties in transporting enough ammunition to the competition or practially wont get it to work without getting the ammunition on the competition site. We will be able to provide you with bullets, primers, powder and brass from different brands. More info will come. If you already know that you need to load your ammo at the competition site please send us an e-mail. All Components is to be preordered via either Sportec AB or SAKAB, if you need support with relaoding components. If you have friends bringing components for you that will of course be ok.